Our Wedding Vows: (written by us, read by Pastor Duane on February 6, 2011)

First and foremost, we intend to put Christ at the center of our relationship.  We are sinners, we are selfish, that will not always be easy; but we’ve made a commitment to each other and to God, a commitment we cherish and will honor.  If Christ is at the center of our relationship, we will be working each day to glorify God, in all that He has given us and with all that we will do.  We realize that part of God’s beautiful system is that, if we are glorifying Him and finding our glory in Him, that brings a joy and a love to our lives and our relationship that is unmatched by any selfish desire.

Fast Forward 365 Days:

We’ve come to realize that marriage is the most beautiful, fun, and difficult gift we’ve ever been given.  One truth we’ve both come to realize; there is no one else in the world we’d want to share that gift with!  This year has been absolutely crazy in so many different wonderful and challenging ways, but we wouldn’t change a thing.

We celebrated last night with champagne (don’t worry, I just had a tiny bit), wonderful food, a view of our favorite city, and conversation that I’m confident led us both to grow as individuals and a couple.


Little Italy —> Point Loma

We moved!

We absolutely loved living in Little Italy and think it was a perfect place for our first year of marriage.  But our place was small and we just needed more space.  So we traded in our ocean view for a place where we can eat dinner at a kitchen table as a family!!  We now live in Point Loma, which is a great area and less than a mile from a lot of our friends that we see weekly!  The ocean isn’t out our front window, but we now have room to spread out, closets big enough to accommodate our growing family, and the beach is still only about a mile away!
The place is still a work in progress.  We need to get that kitchen table, hang things on the walls, finish unpacking some little things, but it’s already starting to feel like home after just two days!
It was an exhausting weekend, but we’re so excited to get settled!  I swore I would never get the “pregnant waddle” but after a weekend of moving, there was no denying it 🙂  I’m hoping a day off my feet will cure that asap!
Here’s just a couple of photos.  I was obviously most excited about getting the nursery set up.  We’ve been living with all of our great gifts in boxes at our old place, and it’s been great to finally get to organize them!  I’ll post more pictures as the place progresses and we get it finished up!

it’s raining.

As most of you know, my girlfriends threw me an amazing baby shower on January 14th at my friend Savannah’s adorable little house in the hills of Point Loma.  My best friend here in San Diego, Michele, headed up the organizing and a bunch of my girlfriends pitched in. 

My favorite part about the whole day was that I had all of my ‘groups’ of girlfriends under one roof hanging out together.  I spend a lot of time with all of these ladies and it was so special for me to have them all together.  It was pretty amazing to look around the room and realize that 5 years ago I didn’t know any of them and now so many of them are best friends and even like sisters to me.

All of the women that were there love me and Warren so much and are almost as excited about this baby as we are.  We have an amazing support system here inSan Diego!

Other best part of the day, MY MOM CAME AND SURPRISED ME ALL THE WAY FROM PENNSYLVANIA!  I was so glad she had the opportunity to meet and hang out with everyone.  Just made the day that much more special! 

I’m going to continue with my virtual baby shower sometime next week so you can see some of the awesome stuff that we got.  We’re moving this weekend so everything is currently in boxes!

My Wednesday Girls' Night Girls. Maggie, Cynthia, Marilee, Jenny, Kathryn, and Savannah!

My Monday Night Girl's Night Girls. Noelle, Krista, Ashlyn, and Aerinne!

56 more days.

We had another doctor’s appointment yesterday!

Everything looks great.

My stomach is measuring right on track, blood pressure is perfect, she has a strong heart beat, she’s moving around like crazy, and they now believe she is head down!

Currently our little jicama is between 17-19 inches and just about 4lbs!

only 7 weeks and 6 days to go.

(we had an amazing shower in San Diego on Saturday, but I’m waiting for pictures to post)

different kind of date night.

Tuesday nights are “date night” in the Duthie household.  They have been since we got married.  Date nights used to consist of nice dinners and possibly one too many glasses of wine or craft beer.

My how times have changed.  (for the better)

For the next 6 weeks, date night will consist of dinner and a 2 1/2 hour “child prep class” at the hospital where we’ll be giving birth.  We thought it would be something fun to do together, and maybe we’d learn a little bit along the way.  The brochure says you learn things like ‘what to expect in the hospital, medication choices, there’s a hospital tour, etc.’  (very practical things)  So my initial reaction when I got a confirmation email last week stating that we should bring a blanket and two pillows to each class was, “oh no, I didn’t know it was one of ‘those’ classes.”

Let me set the scene:

We walk into a room with about 15 other couples holding their pillows and blanket seated in a circle.  There’s soft massage music playing in the background (you know the type, think flutes and light rain) and we all have to wear name tags.  During introductions we are required to each say “something special” about ourselves and then our “partners” are instructed to massage us for the next 15 minutes. (ps. dont’ worry, then we had to massage them for 15 minutes. I believe Warren thinks those 15 mins were worth the cost of the class)   Then we’re split in groups, “mommies” and “partners”, of course, and asked to make a list of the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ of pregnancy.  So far, the class borders on my worst nightmare, but in some awkward way, it was also really fun….even if it was only for the comedic value and the time Warren and I got to spend together.  The class ends with dimmed lights, light stretching on the floor, and then getting in to a “relaxation position” while the instructor reads some final notes.  Most partners chose to spoon. (I’m serious, like 2 feet away from the next couple they had met 2 hours previously)  Warren and I chose to forego their awkward, adult sleepover and continued to stretch and listen.  I’m sure there will be some relevant information to come in the future, and like I said, Warren and I had a fun night together and it did get us even more excited for the baby to come.  So, we will go back.

Here’s some notes from class number #1:

1. Packing a hospital bag should be #1 on our list of life priorities.

2. We should have already read 7-10 books on birth and should go and purchase another 7-10 books on parenting newborns.

3. It is common to use a single book/method to drive your whole ideas behind parenting.  (i.e. “I use the “attachment method” for parenting” – our instructor)

4. The answer to all of life’s problems are “massage”! (this I may agree with)

I know that I’ve basically spent the entire post picking fun at the class, but they really do have your best interest in mind and there is some valuable information presented.  It’s just not as entertaining to reflect on and Warren and I are just a little too mellow for the majority of their ideals.  It doesn’t mean that we’re lazy or not taking parenting seriously.  We’re just not of the mindset that a class or a book is going to get us ready for what’s about to come in life.  As with everything else in life, we’ll look to God first and each other second, those are the things that we trust.  Throw in our love for each other and for Phoebe and I’m not too worried about going from “the two of us” to “the three of us”.

Next week is the child birth video….this I can’t wait for!


single digits.

9 weeks 6 days.

Is that possible?

We had our 30 week check-up yesterday!  Pretty standard stuff, “do you have any questions?, Let me measure your belly., etc”  When she measured my stomach she was a little concerned because I was measuring at 33 weeks instead of 30 weeks, but then she quickly said, “Wait, I think you’re having a contraction.”  I blocked out the second part and immediately got a complex, “could that extra churro I ate at Disney really have made my stomach grow 3 extra weeks?!?”  Warren on the other hand only heard the words ’33 weeks’ and ‘contraction’ and had the fear of God in his eyes.  I’m pretty sure that for a second he thought that meant I was having that baby on that table and we had to take her home with us in like an hour 🙂

Needless to say, after the contraction, my stomach was back down to the 30 week mark (right where we should be) and the doctor reassured Warren that there’s no reason to believe this baby is coming early.

Based on where she heard the heart beat, she also told us that she thinks that the baby is breech, which really isn’t something of any concern until about 36 weeks.  She said they usually figure out that they’re supposed to be head down by then.  I say that if she is breech, she likes to head butt, because all of the insane amounts of movement we feel and see is always at the very top of my stomach.

Disclaimer: the 30 week picture I post after the next paragraph contains a bare, pregnant belly.  If that’s not your thing, quit scrolling 🙂

She’s about 17-18 inches now and weighs in just over 3 pounds.  She constantly keeps us entertained with her hiccups and dance moves that make my stomach look like it’s inhabited by an alien!  We can’t wait to meet her!

30 weeks (sorry, only picture I had)

family vacation.

Family is the BEST.

Especially when you get to spend 6 non-stop days with them running around the city that you love!

Run down of our activities: Birch Aquarium, La Jolla Cove to see the seals, Seaport Village for fudge and a carousel ride, Taco Tuesday at El Camino, Whale Watching (saw 14 gray whales and countless dolphins), Belmont Park for some rides, lunch, games, and cotton candy of course, BEACH, Ruby’s on the Oceanside Pier for lunch, swimming in Escondido, the San Diego Zoo, and last but definitely not least DISNEYLAND for New Years Eve!

Needless to say, this pregnant lady napped the entire day after they left 🙂  But I had the best time!  For Warren and I to see the city we love through the eyes of our niece and nephew got us even more excited about having our own baby.  We love them to pieces!  We’re keeping our fingers crossed that our kids are as funny, well behaved, and cute as they are.  6 days of non-stop activities without naps or a single tear…kudos Raegan and Ryan…kudos 🙂

Miss you all!

Niederbergers at the Birch Aquarium

Gammie and Raegan checking out the Pacific




Making sand castles.


HAPPIEST (and busiest) place on earth!