Phoebe Lately.

Our little lady has been growing and growing and we fall a little more in love with her everyday.

She’s gone from sleeping the majority of the day to gaining quite the little personality and staying awake to be my side kick each day.  She’s still a trooper in the sleep department at night.  She consistently wakes up every 3-4 hours to eat, but smiles and goes right back to bed after.  We try not to judge Phoebe being “good” on how much sleep we get, but I’m not gonna lie, each hour of sleep we get increases her chance of getting multiple siblings.

Our big girl started napping in her crib today (instead of the bassinet) and we’ll probably transition her into her own room at night in the next couple weeks.  This does make me a little sad since it’s one of the first ‘official’ steps she’s taking to growing up.

She also smiled when Warren came home from work today. I’m pretty sure he melted.

This week she went to her first baseball game, her first hike, and said goodbye to her pseudo-uncle Grayden and aunt Jenny as they headed off to San Francisco.

Here’s some pictures of Phoebe lately:

Phoebe's first baseball game!

Obviously excited about the game!

At Grayden and Jenny's going away dinner.

Laughing with Daddy on Sunday morning.

Sweet Face!

My favorite picture of all time. This is how she feels about being put down during the day!

At The Pearl for date night. Before Phoebs (top) After Phoebs (bottom)


One thought on “Phoebe Lately.

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Can’t believe how fast and big she is growing. She’s a beauty! Counting the days until I can hold her again :o) Love ya all, Mommy

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