25 days of magic

Some notables from my first 25 days of life:

I’m the most popular baby in town.  The amount of visitors and love received in my first 25 days of life is unbelievable.

I’m a good sleeper.  I sleep from 11pm to 8am and only get up twice to eat (at 2am and 5am like clock work) and then go right back to sleep.

I like to be awake.  I stay awake and play with my mom for 4-5 hours at a time during the day!

I’m not fussy.  I cry when I’m hungry and occasionally when I have gas.  That’s about it!

I do not like to be swaddled.  I will act like you are torturing me if you ever try to do it again.

I sleep with my arms above my head and make little grunting noises all night long.

I like to be in the bathtub.  I however, do not like to get out of the bathtub.

I love to be out and about and haven’t had any public meltdowns….yet 🙂

Here’s a couple photos from my first couple weeks:

Coming home from the hospital.

Meeting Pauley for the first time.

Gammie and Papa Chuck came to visit!

Friends from church brought us dinner.

This is how I sleep.

My first time at church.

My first bath!

Sleeping on dad!

Wearing mom's ring.

My many faces.

All ready for church on Good Friday.


One thought on “25 days of magic

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    You are such a good girl – with wonderful parents!

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