And I’m not talking weeks….I’m talking DAYS 🙂

T-9 days to be exact.  Warren and I joke that this is the first true to test to see if she’s going to be like her mother or father.  If she comes soon, she’s just like her mom….punctual.  If she’s 12 days late, she’s just like her dad…less than punctual. (but he’s so good at so many other things!!)

Honestly, I was much crazier about 2 weeks ago.  As soon as I hit 37 weeks, my thoughts were, “Alright, I’m full-term, lets do this.”  Now that her due date is rapidly approaching, I’ve mellowed out a lot.  We’re beyond excited to meet her, but we’re also sucking up these last few days/weeks of each other and life as we know it.  We went out to nice, delicious dinners this weekend with old and new friends, spent time at the beach playing bocce and watching the sun set, spent time on the dance floor at a company dinner, slept in, took long walks, ate frozen yogurt, and just watched TV together until we fell asleep on the couch.  And while I’m looking forward to the days that I can once again independently take off my boots at the end of the day, I really will miss things about being pregnant.  I’ve been blessed with an amazing pregnancy with few aches and pains.  It’s been incredible to go from sitting around for hours waiting to feel her move to just simply needing to call her name or give her a little poke and she’s ready to put on a show.

As far as labor goes, everyone’s famous question, “Are you guys nervous?”  Our answer, “no.”  Maybe because we’re too oblivious to be nervous or just too excited to have room for nerves.  Whatever the reason, we’re thankful to be given the opportunity to enjoys these last couple days/weeks together!!

Enjoying the beach.

The boys playing bocce.

Just some of our San Diego family.

Here's to hoping she looks like her father ❤




2 thoughts on “single.digits.

  1. Margot Rowan says:

    Had so much fun on the walk, wow, you really impressed us…you’re in top shape for being pregnant!! Phoebe’s room is adorable and it’s obvious you guys are ready for her debut!
    Adorable photo of Warren, but she’d be beautiful if she looks like her mom too!

  2. Kelly Caldwell says:

    You’ve done it again! Got me in tears. You guys are absolutely perfect for one another and will be amazing parents! She will be beautiful – no matter who she favors. She also could look like one of her grandparents, which ain’t a bad looking group either…hahaha. Looking forward to seeing you guys in a few weeks!!

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