my friend bought me a glue gun

and now I feel a little like Martha Stewart!

For those of you that knew me in the days of being cleared to do book reports in Art class so it wouldn’t bring down my GPA it’s probably most shocking that I would try to construct anything that I was even considering hanging on my walls.  But between everyone’s latest obsession with Pinterest, all of the DIY blogs, and my disdain for most things Babies R Us, I’ve become inspired.

I decided I was going to make Phoebe’s room decore.  So after a trip to a used book store, home depot, and Michaels her room is almost complete.

Here’s some of the projects:

Before. (just used some flat wood lettering, stock paper that I loved the designs of, and a glue gun)


I wanted a chalkboard in her room. (I used these frames and an 11x14 piece of poster board backed with foam that I covered in chalkboard paint)

"Book Shelves" (I made them from old used books and cheap brackets I got at Home Depot)

Finished. (we can't write on the chalkboard for 24 hours)


4 thoughts on “my friend bought me a glue gun

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Mrs. Van Stone would be proud of you! You’ve earned an A+ in Art without having to write a book report :o) Everything looks darling! Only 40 more days until I can see it myself!! Can’t wait.

  2. margot rowan says:

    Very cute, good job Courtney, love the prints on the letters!

  3. Casie says:

    Everything is very cute, and I AM surprised you’re taking on all of these DIY projects! That was always my gig, certainly not yours! haha. But isn’t it fun, cheap, and rewarding?! Love it.

  4. It’s really cool that you are doing so many of the projects for her room by yourself. Everything does look really great! :o) But…if this were my blog the first sentence would read…. “my friend bought me a glue gun” and I proceeded to hit her over the head with it

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