There’s nothing cuter than….

a baby girl with an enormous flower headband 🙂

So, for girl’s night last night, Marilee brought over her sewing machine and we made some of our own!

Thank goodness I have creative friends.



Jenny and Marilee working away 🙂


the finished products.


2 thoughts on “There’s nothing cuter than….

  1. If Shelby followed your blog she would tell you that these are the worst possible things you can ‘decorate’ your child with. I put them on her when she was little because she didn’t have hair until she was almost 18 months old and what she did have was so blonde you couldn’t see it! She looks back on the photos of her wearing them and she just gives me daggers and says ‘You were a horrible mother’. Of course I know deep down she doesn’t really mean it,,,(right?) Anyway…I loved them on her and even if Phoebe complains when she gets older don’t let it bother you…it’s a mother’s job to torture their children with what they believe are ridiculous photos of when they were little. :o)

  2. Kelly Caldwell says:

    You really do have a great group of creative friends. They are darling head-bands and I can totally picture your daughter wearing them!

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