it’s raining.

As most of you know, my girlfriends threw me an amazing baby shower on January 14th at my friend Savannah’s adorable little house in the hills of Point Loma.  My best friend here in San Diego, Michele, headed up the organizing and a bunch of my girlfriends pitched in. 

My favorite part about the whole day was that I had all of my ‘groups’ of girlfriends under one roof hanging out together.  I spend a lot of time with all of these ladies and it was so special for me to have them all together.  It was pretty amazing to look around the room and realize that 5 years ago I didn’t know any of them and now so many of them are best friends and even like sisters to me.

All of the women that were there love me and Warren so much and are almost as excited about this baby as we are.  We have an amazing support system here inSan Diego!

Other best part of the day, MY MOM CAME AND SURPRISED ME ALL THE WAY FROM PENNSYLVANIA!  I was so glad she had the opportunity to meet and hang out with everyone.  Just made the day that much more special! 

I’m going to continue with my virtual baby shower sometime next week so you can see some of the awesome stuff that we got.  We’re moving this weekend so everything is currently in boxes!

My Wednesday Girls' Night Girls. Maggie, Cynthia, Marilee, Jenny, Kathryn, and Savannah!

My Monday Night Girl's Night Girls. Noelle, Krista, Ashlyn, and Aerinne!


One thought on “it’s raining.

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    I am so glad that I was able to make the trip and I thank your awesome dad for being one of the most generous – let me restate that – the MOST generous person I have ever known! You really do have an amazing group of friends out there with you and it does my heart good to know that!!!! It’s nice to know that there are others there that would drop everything to run and help you and Warren out. By the same token, I know you would do the same for them. We can’t wait to come back out in Mtrch and see you again, and finally meet Phoebe.

    Luv Ya,

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