different kind of date night.

Tuesday nights are “date night” in the Duthie household.  They have been since we got married.  Date nights used to consist of nice dinners and possibly one too many glasses of wine or craft beer.

My how times have changed.  (for the better)

For the next 6 weeks, date night will consist of dinner and a 2 1/2 hour “child prep class” at the hospital where we’ll be giving birth.  We thought it would be something fun to do together, and maybe we’d learn a little bit along the way.  The brochure says you learn things like ‘what to expect in the hospital, medication choices, there’s a hospital tour, etc.’  (very practical things)  So my initial reaction when I got a confirmation email last week stating that we should bring a blanket and two pillows to each class was, “oh no, I didn’t know it was one of ‘those’ classes.”

Let me set the scene:

We walk into a room with about 15 other couples holding their pillows and blanket seated in a circle.  There’s soft massage music playing in the background (you know the type, think flutes and light rain) and we all have to wear name tags.  During introductions we are required to each say “something special” about ourselves and then our “partners” are instructed to massage us for the next 15 minutes. (ps. dont’ worry, then we had to massage them for 15 minutes. I believe Warren thinks those 15 mins were worth the cost of the class)   Then we’re split in groups, “mommies” and “partners”, of course, and asked to make a list of the ‘good’ and ‘not so good’ of pregnancy.  So far, the class borders on my worst nightmare, but in some awkward way, it was also really fun….even if it was only for the comedic value and the time Warren and I got to spend together.  The class ends with dimmed lights, light stretching on the floor, and then getting in to a “relaxation position” while the instructor reads some final notes.  Most partners chose to spoon. (I’m serious, like 2 feet away from the next couple they had met 2 hours previously)  Warren and I chose to forego their awkward, adult sleepover and continued to stretch and listen.  I’m sure there will be some relevant information to come in the future, and like I said, Warren and I had a fun night together and it did get us even more excited for the baby to come.  So, we will go back.

Here’s some notes from class number #1:

1. Packing a hospital bag should be #1 on our list of life priorities.

2. We should have already read 7-10 books on birth and should go and purchase another 7-10 books on parenting newborns.

3. It is common to use a single book/method to drive your whole ideas behind parenting.  (i.e. “I use the “attachment method” for parenting” – our instructor)

4. The answer to all of life’s problems are “massage”! (this I may agree with)

I know that I’ve basically spent the entire post picking fun at the class, but they really do have your best interest in mind and there is some valuable information presented.  It’s just not as entertaining to reflect on and Warren and I are just a little too mellow for the majority of their ideals.  It doesn’t mean that we’re lazy or not taking parenting seriously.  We’re just not of the mindset that a class or a book is going to get us ready for what’s about to come in life.  As with everything else in life, we’ll look to God first and each other second, those are the things that we trust.  Throw in our love for each other and for Phoebe and I’m not too worried about going from “the two of us” to “the three of us”.

Next week is the child birth video….this I can’t wait for!



3 thoughts on “different kind of date night.

  1. I Love reading these…but let me tell you something…my hospital bag wasn’t packed until the night my water broke with Patrick and we were told to go directly to the hospital and admit through the ER, I NEVER read a book, not one, on parenting with either of my pregnancies, I never had any ‘methods’, i just did what my mother taught me and I agree with number 4…massage can solve all of life’s problems. And the night they showed us the birthing video, I called in ‘sick”. No thanks…didn’t need that horror before I was going to go through that myself! All in all I think I did a pretty good job with my kids. This class will be fun for you and Warren to have something to laugh at later and there may be a few things that you go huh…I didn’t know that but don’t worry, you and Warren are going to make GREAT parents. Look what you had teaching you. :o)

  2. Kelly Caldwell says:

    First – I must thank Colleen for the nice comment above about who taught you growing up :o) Second – I must agree that you two will be wonderful parents. I know how you are with children and I know what a loving soul you have. It will only be that much greater with your own child! I can also see what a great guy Warren is and you can already tell that Phoebe is going to have him wrapped around her finger and she will be wrapped around his heart. After raising you guys and seeing the many ways other children around me have been raised, the most important advice I can give you is to make sure that Phoebe has a strong sense of self-esteem and ALWAYS maintains respect for her parents. If she has those two things, the rest will just fall into place. If she has respect for you and Warren – she will trust in the fact that everything you do is in her best interest, and if she has respect for herself she will have the confidence in life to go out in the world and be a great individual!!

    Luv Ya,

  3. Courtney,
    I just love yours and Warrens out look on life. I am sure you won’t have any problems with baby makes three.
    Love Ya, Nana

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