single digits.

9 weeks 6 days.

Is that possible?

We had our 30 week check-up yesterday!  Pretty standard stuff, “do you have any questions?, Let me measure your belly., etc”  When she measured my stomach she was a little concerned because I was measuring at 33 weeks instead of 30 weeks, but then she quickly said, “Wait, I think you’re having a contraction.”  I blocked out the second part and immediately got a complex, “could that extra churro I ate at Disney really have made my stomach grow 3 extra weeks?!?”  Warren on the other hand only heard the words ’33 weeks’ and ‘contraction’ and had the fear of God in his eyes.  I’m pretty sure that for a second he thought that meant I was having that baby on that table and we had to take her home with us in like an hour 🙂

Needless to say, after the contraction, my stomach was back down to the 30 week mark (right where we should be) and the doctor reassured Warren that there’s no reason to believe this baby is coming early.

Based on where she heard the heart beat, she also told us that she thinks that the baby is breech, which really isn’t something of any concern until about 36 weeks.  She said they usually figure out that they’re supposed to be head down by then.  I say that if she is breech, she likes to head butt, because all of the insane amounts of movement we feel and see is always at the very top of my stomach.

Disclaimer: the 30 week picture I post after the next paragraph contains a bare, pregnant belly.  If that’s not your thing, quit scrolling 🙂

She’s about 17-18 inches now and weighs in just over 3 pounds.  She constantly keeps us entertained with her hiccups and dance moves that make my stomach look like it’s inhabited by an alien!  We can’t wait to meet her!

30 weeks (sorry, only picture I had)


3 thoughts on “single digits.

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Interesting – I did not know you had contractions this early, and I didn’t know they made your stomach bigger. I giggled right out loud picturing the fear in Warren’s eyes..haha. Good practice for him because the real thing will be here before you know it!!! Love the picture (it still holds some proof for Daddy – wink, wink).

  2. Casie says:

    Hahaha…I was thinking the same thing, Mommy!

    And I also laughed out loud at both you and Warren. Men are just stupid when it comes to having babies…haha. And you did love your churros while we rode rides…haha.

  3. Court…you look Fantastic!

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