Virtual Baby Shower

Let’s face it, people don’t come to baby showers for the silly games or pacifier shaped party favors.  They come because a) they feel obligated because they love you, and b) it can be fun to watch someone open little adorable outfits and baby paraphernalia.  Since many of my nearest and dearest live so far away and are shipping gifts, I thought I’d start an ongoing, virtual baby shower for everyone to share in the joy that we get from opening each one of these little treasures!

Thanks SO much to everyone for the gifts!

My amazing Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag from my girlfriends Noelle and Aerinne

The Pottery Barn for Kids Stroller Blanket with Phoebe's name embroidered on it from my Nana and Bumpa!

Some adorable baby clothes from Warren's friends parents, Bruce and Randa! Also a little "bear" outfit from our good friends Grayden and Jenny!

Our amazing jogging stroller from my in-laws, John and Margot! Casie also got us the infant car seat adapter that clicks onto it!


One thought on “Virtual Baby Shower

  1. Casie says:

    Cute idea! I love to see everything you’ve gotten.

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