50 yard line

20 weeks down….20 weeks to go!

Baby’s newest development: we’ve started feeling her little banana splits!

They say that the first kicks feel like flutters, or gas bubbles, or like riding a roller coaster. (Seriously?!?! Raise your hand if you ever felt like you were on a roller coaster while pregnant.) Unfortunately I don’t have any exciting analogies, to me, it just feels like a baby moving in my stomach.

Every night around 8-9pm when we’re winding down on the couch for the night, she puts on a show. Warren can feel her if I’m sitting back or laying down, and if you watch very closely, you can even see the outside of my stomach move.

Nothing short of amazing!


One thought on “50 yard line

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Extremely amazing!!! Can’t wait to see for myself.

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