125 days and growing….

This morning was great for a plethora of reasons: 1) we got to sleep in longer than the sun did, 2) we shared breakfast and had real conversation rather than the usual comatose grunts that resemble some primitive language that must have existed before people discovered sleep, and 3) we got to hear the baby’s heartbeat and the reassuring “everything looks great” which is music to my paranoid, mom ears.

This last year has been pretty crazy.

I used to be an adventure seeker. I really wasn’t happy unless I had a trip planned or some adventure waiting in the curtains.

I’m happy to report that my new adventures are laughing over breakfast with my husband at 8am, feeling like we’re breaking some rules because we’re supposed to be at work and hearing 6 seconds of 4 tiny chambers pumping blood through our little sweet potato’s body. (don’t get too used to the sweet potato verbiage however, she becomes another vegetable tomorrow when we start our 19th week)

These new adventures are way cooler than anywhere I could buy a plane ticket to.

until next time….

oh ps. I gained 6 lbs. Never thought I’d be so excited about that!

there it is folks


3 thoughts on “125 days and growing….

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    Very weird, but did you notice your shadow on the wall behind you in your baby bump picture? It almost looks like a nine months pregnant body facing the opposite direction. It’s a little peek at what’s to come :0)

  2. Your mom is mean isn’t she…I would have never pointed that out to you! (hahaha) I am soooo glad you posted a picture. i have been anxious to see. You look great. :o)

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