the adventures of a sweet potato.

disclaimer: I never thought I/we (Warren has no idea this is happening yet) would ever be “bloggers”. Let’s face it, though some people believe that living in San Diego is an adventure in itself, I hardly think that anyone wants to spend their Sunday mornings sipping coffee reading about Warren and I’s weekly adventures. guy’s night, girl’s night, date night, church, beach, football on the couch, repeat. That pretty much covers it.

However, there is also one universal truth that I’ve come to realize over the last 4 months: everyone loves babies.

Especially ours.

That simple truth has inspired this blog!

We feel so blessed to have countless numbers of friends (who have become family) in San Diego who love on us and our growing baby bump daily. At the same time, we miss having those of you around who are more than just a short car ride away. So, here is a window into our lives.

I’m not gonna lie. I also love the new google commercial where the dad is writing emails to his daughter her whole life with the intentions of sharing them with her someday. Journals are not my thing. I’d start one and never finish it. However, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not sitting in front of the computer.  Maybe someday I can print out this blog and it will give our little girl some insight into just how much her mom and dad love her! Or maybe by the time she’s 5, she’ll be able to read our blog on her very own iPad. j/k

the day we found out we were having a little GIRL

We Love You,

courtney + warren + our growing sweet potato




3 thoughts on “the adventures of a sweet potato.

  1. Kelly Caldwell says:

    OK, now I’m crying! I love your blog and will LOVE reading it everytime you post to it. We love you guys and your little sweet potato too!!!! Love, Mommy and Daddy.

  2. Casie says:

    Not gonna lie…I’ve got tears in my eyes, too! I’ll look forward to your blog like you look forward to my Phanfare! Love ya! ~Casie~

  3. Ok…unlike your mom and your sister..I am not crying nor do I have tears in my eyes…hahahaha…I do, however, love the fact that you are doing this so we can keep up with you. It doesn’t seem so far away when you can see pictures and read people’s thoughts like this. It’s a great idea and you know I have always lived vicariously through you. ;o)

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